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The 2018 OpenupEd trend report on MOOCs

TitleThe 2018 OpenupEd trend report on MOOCs
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsJansen, D., Brown M., Read; T., Barcena E., Sedano B., Lapworth A., Aydin C. H., Traxler J., Fueyo A., Hevia I., Velasco S., Creelman A., Witthaus G., Friedl C., Staubitz T., Karachristos C. V., Lazarinis F., Stavropoulos E. C., & Verykios V. S.
EditorsJansen, D., & Konings L.
Date Published06/2018
Place PublishedEuropean Association of Distance Teaching Universities, The Netherlands
KeywordsCommunities of Inquiry, corporate MOOC, educational policy, increasing institutional visibility, MOOC instructional design, MOOC platforms, MOOC research, MOOC sustainability, MOOCs as change agents, national policy, professional development

MOOCs, and open education in general, are providing new learning opportunities for millions of people. Investments in and the uptake of MOOCs are more and more significant worldwide. The 2018 OpenupEd Trend Report on MOOCs presents the latest innovations and developments in MOOCs from a European perspective. In total, 19 experts from 12 different European organisations contributed to the report.

We certainly believe this first OpenupEd trend report will be an inspiration for many to further use MOOCs and start cooperation and sharing of expertise with other (European) MOOC providers and possibly connect with the European MOOC Consortium (EMC), of the main European MOOC platforms (FutureLearn, FUN, MiríadaX, EduOpen and OpenupEd).


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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