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5Rs for open pedagogy

Title5Rs for open pedagogy
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsJhangiani, R.
PublisherRajiv Jhangiani, Ph.D. Open Education, SoTL, Psychology, Higher Education
Access Year2019
EditionApril 11, 2019
Date Published04/2019
Keywordsopen educational practices, open pedagogy

I have been thinking about the values and ideals that underpin open pedagogy for me. I say for me because these are personal, subjective, and contextual. This is similar to the concept of open pedagogy itself, which most of us are quite happy to have multiple definitions and understandings of (here’s one take from Robin and me, along with many others curated by the wonderful Maha Bali). In this iteration I am choosing to impose a constraint on my thinking by repurposing David Wiley’s structure of the 5R permissions of open educational resources to form a parallel construction. In doing so I am knowingly privileging concision and catchiness over complexity and comprehensiveness (this is why this list is 5Rs for, and not of, open pedagogy). I therefore encourage you to build upon, refine, contextualize, challenge, completely discard, or replace mine with your own, as you see fit...


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