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Analyzing hidden semantics in social bookmarking of open educational resources

TitleAnalyzing hidden semantics in social bookmarking of open educational resources
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMinguillon, J.
Secondary AuthorsSanchezAlonso, S., & Athanasiadis I. N.
PublisherMetadata and Semantic Research
Date Published2010
Secondary PublisherSpringer- Verlag Berlin
Place PublishedBerlin, Germany
Type of WorkProceedings Paper
Publication Languageen
ISBN Number978-3-642-16551-1
Accession NumberWOS:000288484900002
Keywordsdelicious, metadata, Open Educational Resources, repositories, social bookmarking, web 2.0

Web 2.0 services such as social bookmarking allow users to manage and share the links they find interesting, adding their own tags for describing them. This is especially interesting in the field of open educational resources, as delicious is a simple way to bridge the institutional point of view (i.e. learning object repositories) with the individual one (i.e. personal collections), thus promoting the discovering and sharing of such resources by other users. In this paper we propose a methodology for analyzing such tags in order to discover hidden semantics (i.e. taxonomies and vocabularies) that can be used to improve descriptions of learning objects and make learning object repositories more visible and discoverable. We propose the use of a simple statistical analysis tool such as principal component analysis to discover which tags create clusters that can be semantically interpreted. We will compare the obtained results with a collection of resources related to open educational resources, in order to better understand the real needs of people searching for open educational resources.

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