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Beyond the language classroom: Researching MOOCs and other innovations

TitleBeyond the language classroom: Researching MOOCs and other innovations
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
EditorsKan, Q., & Bax S.
Number of Pages1-169
Date Published07/2017
ISBN1-908416-52-1, 978-1-908416-52-0
Keywordsinformal language learning, innovative pedagogy, language apps, language education, language learning, MOOCs

With the rise of the internet and new communication technologies, language learning has moved beyond the classroom walls. This volume presents a range of important studies on innovative ways for learning languages outside the classroom. Chapters discuss MOOCs in the UK, Belgium, China, and Italy for studying a range of languages, research on new apps, flipped classroom modes, and approaches to informal learning in a range of international settings. In these ways, the volume offers a significant contribution to our understanding of how learning beyond the language classroom will transform language education in the decades to come.


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