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Capacity-building in open education: an Australian approach

TitleCapacity-building in open education: an Australian approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBossu, C., & Fountain W.
PublisherOpen Praxis
Start Page123
Date Published06/2015
Type of WorkSelected papers from the Open Education Consortium Global 2015 Conference
Keywordsacademics, capacity-building, curriculum design, micro course, open educational practices, professional development

Addressing the gap between global open educational resource (OER) proliferation and the slow adoption of OER and open educational practices (OEP) in Australian higher education, this paper focuses on a capacity-building project targeting academics, academic support staff and educational developers. The conception, design, development, piloting and evaluation of an open, online professional development micro course are detailed, highlighting key aspects of the open design and considerations for sharing and reuse across higher education institutions. The open micro course introduces five key OEP concepts through five contemporary curriculum design topics, using knowledge co-creation activities which engage learners in iterative shaping of the course, and generate artefacts for demonstration and recognition of learning. Opportunities for short to longer term capacity-building which leverage the micro course are also discussed, in response to significant shifts underway in higher education funding and professional development priorities. http://dx.doi.org/10.5944/openpraxis.7.2.197


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