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A component-based approach to open educational resources in climate change education

TitleA component-based approach to open educational resources in climate change education
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHaslett, S. K., & Wallen J.
Start Page89
Date Published12/2015
Keywordslearning objects, OER creation, OER repository, sustainable OER

AbstractThis paper reports on the creation of Open Educational Resources (OER) for climate change education as part of a Higher Education Academy (HEA)/Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)-funded initiative managed by HEA-GEES entitled The C-Change Project. A component-based approach has been adopted by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the University of Wales, Newport, which has contributed OER at different levels of learning object granularity. The learning objects comprise over 2000 photographs, 50 videos and a range of PowerPoint presentations that provide examples of how the smaller learning objects may be used in a particular learning context. The objects have been uploaded to a repository hosted by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), JorumOpen, and also to Web 2.0 platforms, such as Flickr, YouTube and Slideshare. We strongly advocate this component-based approach as it eases the distribution and sharing of the OER learning objects and reuse in different learning situations. This also encourages a sustainable and systematic approach to creating OER, as images and videos may be created and uploaded relatively quickly, which is of benefit in the fast-moving arena of climate change education.


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