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Conversations from south of the equator: Challenges and opportunities in OER across Broader Oceania

TitleConversations from south of the equator: Challenges and opportunities in OER across Broader Oceania
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsJames, R., & Bossu C.
PublisherRUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal
Start Page78
Date Published07/2014
Place PublishedBarcelona, Spain
Keywordslearning design, MOOC, open access, open data, open educational practice, Open Educational Resources

Recent decades have witnessed a number of fundamental structural shifts, both internally within the higher education academy and external to it, that have transformed the character of universities. A universal, increased interest in Open Educational Resources (OER) is at once both one of these added pressures and perhaps potentially a key way to meet the growing demand for higher education. The overarching theme of this Special Section, OER initiatives in Broader Oceania, allows educators to showcase how challenges and opportunities in this region are being addressed with innovation and/or collaboration. It also facilitates sharing of knowledge and exchange of varied perspectives and dialogue, not only between countries in the region, but hopefully also between Broader Oceania and Europe. Developments and trends in OER and an emergent Open Educational Practice across Asia-Pacific mirror advances occurring across the world.


CC Rosalind James y Carina Bossu | CC FUOC, 2014

Original PublicationThe Spanish language version is available here: https://oerknowledgecloud.org/content/conversaciones-desde-el-sur-del-ecuador-retos-y-oportunidades-que-plantean-los-rea-en-ocean%C3%AD
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