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Determination of teachers’ perspectives and level of readiness towards MOOCs for tolerance education

TitleDetermination of teachers’ perspectives and level of readiness towards MOOCs for tolerance education
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsArnavut, A., & Bicen H.
PublisherQuality & Quantity
Date Published08/2017
Secondary PublisherSpringer Netherlands
ISBN Number0033-5177
Keywordsadult education, distance learning, MOOCs, open, tolerance

New opportunities are now provided in individual’s lives due to the development of technology. This has led to changes in educational environments as well as technology, which has removed barriers to participation due to the novelty that it presents for teacher and the learners at the same time. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) environment is the best example of this phenomenon where advanced technology is at the forefront and it is an extension of distance learning. By eliminating barriers such as place, time, background and infrastructure, the Massive Online Open Courses act as a guide for lifelong learning and enables learners to achieve rapid development on the, paving the way for learners to obtain certificates and diplomas at their own convenience, provided they have an Internet connection. The aim of this study is to improve a scale that is related to the determination of the teachers’ perspectives and the level of readiness towards traditional Massive Open Online Courses. Also, it will guide people who study in the MOOC field and provide them with future direction


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