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Emergence and development of MOOCs

TitleEmergence and development of MOOCs
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZheng, Q., Chen L., & Burgos D.
PublisherThe Development of MOOCs in China
Series Title Lecture Notes in Educational Technology
Date Published12/2017
Secondary PublisherSpringer Singapore
Place PublishedSingapore
ISBN Number978-981-10-6586-6
Keywordsbusiness sector MOOC, China, government policy, higher education, MOOC

The e-learning has until quite recently been marked by considerable attention paid to MOOCs. One of the disruptive innovations introduced by MOOCs is the open access to the process of teaching and learning. The impact of MOOCs does not necessarily focus on teaching and learning, but is rather adopted in different manners to serve the needs of public and private sectors. A major development of MOOCs is taking place into a layer of higher education institutions, companies, and associations with bulk of sufficient funding for research and practice. Under MoE's policy, a rapid development of MOOCs and the expansion of MOOC-related practices are underway. Variety of pedagogical reform in the field of MOOCs is undergoing experimentally or practically alongside the rapid growth of MOOCs in China. Even though the common issues are faced such as intellectual property right, business mode, quality assurance, credit certification, participation rate, and constant dropout rate, the outlook for MOOCs is promising as the Chinese government released policies in accelerating MOOCs development.


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