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Expanding access to science field-based research techniques for online students through OER

TitleExpanding access to science field-based research techniques for online students through OER
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMatias, A., Woo K., & Whitley-Grassi N.
PublisherInternational Journal of Open Educational Resources
Date Published10/2018
Keywordsengineering and mathematics (STEM), microscopy field-based curriculum, Open Educational Resources, Science, technology, virtual field experience

Adoption of Open Educational Resources (OERs) by the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community has yet to become an integral part of higher education classrooms. Many STEM faculty have been reluctant to develop and use OERs because the process of developing these resources is time-consuming and finding appropriate resources for higher education remains overwhelming. The team, Matias, Woo and Whitley-Grassi at State University of New York (SUNY) developed a process to help generate OERs for topics that are generally associated with laboratory equipment or field research techniques in ecology and earth sciences, as well as general science. This project draws on the need to develop resources and expand access to scientific field-based research techniques through OERs for students learning at a distance. Engaging in undergraduate scientific virtual field experiences is an educational opportunity for students with a desire for an enriched learning experience in the sciences, particularly in ecology and earth sciences, but that cannot participate in a traditional field-based curriculum. This article discusses the current status of the use of OERs for STEM education and our approach to developing three OERs in the areas of microscopy, geologic history interpretation and biodiversity. The team concludes by sharing some of the challenges and lessons learned in the process.


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