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An exploratory literature review on open educational practices

TitleAn exploratory literature review on open educational practices
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsKoseoglu, S., & Bozkurt A.
PublisherDistance Education
Start Page1
Date Published10/2018
Secondary PublisherRoutledge
Keywordsliterature review, mixed methods, open education, open educational practice, openness

ABSTRACTThis paper presents a review of peer-reviewed publications (2007–2017) on digital open educational practices (OEPs). It explores trends and patterns in this emerging area of study by examining paper abstracts and bibliographic data indexed in the Scopus database using a combination of descriptive statistics, text mining, social network analysis, and content analysis. Findings demonstrated two major strands of OEP research: those who discuss OEP in the context of open educational resources, mostly in terms of open educational resource creation, adoption and use, and those who discuss OEP in relation to other areas, including open scholarship, open learning, open teaching or pedagogy, open systems and architectures, and open source software. Based on the findings of this study and in the light of the broader literature on OEPs, we echo the calls for a need to conceptualize OEPs as a multidimensional and unifying construct.


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