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Exploring initiatives for open educational practices at an Australian and a Brazilian University

TitleExploring initiatives for open educational practices at an Australian and a Brazilian University
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBossu, C., & Meier M.
PublisherJournal of Interactive Media in Education
Start Page16
Date Published12/2018
Secondary PublisherUbiquity Press
KeywordsOEP, OEP Australia, OEP Brazil, OEP Brazil and Australia, open educational practices, open policies

This paper explores some key developments in Open Educational Practices (OEP) in higher education in Australia and in Brazil. More specifically, it focuses on the analysis of two individual universities: the University of Tasmania, in Australia; and the Federal University of Paraná, in Brazil. They are both public and mostly face-to-face universities trying to engage with OEP to enhance their blended learning offerings, and more generally learning and teaching. However, these institutions are distinctive in terms of their student numbers, their blended learning approaches, their role within their own communities, and their OEP strategies and initiatives. We will present some of the key policies and strategies adopted by these universities to support OEP, as well as the impact and the opportunities at present. The discussion in this paper will then attempt to make some recommendations for future directions of OEP adoption not only in these two countries, but also elsewhere.


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