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Exploring the MOOC format as a pedagogical approach for mLearning

TitleExploring the MOOC format as a pedagogical approach for mLearning
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
Authorsde Waard, I., Koutropoulos A., Keskin N. Ö., Abajian S. C., Hogue R. J., Rodriguez O. C., & Gallagher M. S.
PublishermLearn 2011
Date Published2011
Place PublishedBeijing, China
Publication Languageen
Keywordscollaborative learning, connectivism, mLearning, mobile learning, MOOC, OER

This paper takes a look at the MOOC format as a possible pedagogical approach to fit mobile learning
(mLearning) based on mutual affordances of both contemporary learning/teaching formats. The paper
presents a case study of how MobiMOOC, a course created u
sing the Massively Open Online Course
(MOOC) format, demonstrates the synergistic characteristics between the MOOC format and mLearning,
making a combination of both fields ideal for contemporary, digital, collaborative learning and
knowledge construction.
MobiMOOC was a six
week online course focusing on mLearning that ran in
April and May 2011. MobiMOOC was freely available and saw 556 learners join the supporting Google
Group. An end
of course survey provides insight that supports the synergies between M
OOCs and
mLearning. The paper zooms in on the time and location independency, contextual learning,
collaborative learning, the potential of interdisciplinary information exchange and contemporary
technology for learning online e.g. social media, mobile dev

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