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Faculty and instructor perceptions of open educational resources in engineering

TitleFaculty and instructor perceptions of open educational resources in engineering
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAnderson, T., Gaines A., Leachman C., & Williamson E. P.
PublisherThe Reference Librarian
Start Page257
Pagination257 - 277
Date Published10/2017
Keywordsembedded librarianship, engineering librarianship, Open Educational Resources

As open education initiatives aiming to lower the cost of course materials appeared at two universities, librarians became involved in identifying open educational resources (OERs) for university courses. However, when considering a number of subject areas—particularly in colleges focused on upper-division instruction—librarians encountered problems related to the availability of resources and materials selection processes. For this project, librarians selected one prominent subject area at their respective institutions—engineering—and worked to identify best practices for introducing OERs into courses. They surveyed engineering faculty and instructors to better understand their perceptions and needs related to OERs and, based on this work, they suggest best practices for liaison librarians in specialized fields who wish to incorporate OERs into their outreach work with a focus on upper-division courses.


Published with license by Taylor & Francis.© Talea Anderson, Annie Gaines, Chelsea Leachman, and Evan Peter Williamson
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