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Finding OERs with social-semantic search

TitleFinding OERs with social-semantic search
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPiedra, N., Chicaiza J., López J., Tovar E., & Bonastre O. M.
Secondary AuthorsAuer, M. E., Al-Zoubi A. Y., & Tovar E. E.
PublisherGlobal Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), 2011 IEEE
Date Published04/2011
Place PublishedAmman, Jordan
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number978-1-61284-642-2
Keywordsinformation seekers, knowledge domains, OCW, OER, ontology, searching architecture, semantic metadata technology, Semantic Web technology, social annotations, social Web, social-semantic Web paradigm

Social and semantic web can be complementary approaches searching web resources. This cooperative approach lets enable a semantic search engine to find accurate results and annotate web resources. This work develops the components of a Social-Semantic search architecture proposed by the authors to find open educational resources (OER). By means of metadata enrichment and logic inference, OER consumers get more precise results from general search engines. The Search prototype has been applied to find OER related with computers and engineering in a domain provided by OpenCourseWare materials from two universities, MIT and UTPL. The semantic search answers reasonably well the queta collected.


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