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A framework for implementing OER-based lesson design activities for pre-service teachers

TitleA framework for implementing OER-based lesson design activities for pre-service teachers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsKim, D.
PublisherThe International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning
Start Page148
Date Published09/2018
Place PublishedAthabasca, AB
Keywordsdistributed cognition, example-based learning, lesson design, Open Educational Resources, pre-service teacher education

The demand for qualified teachers with sufficient pedagogical knowledge and skills is high. However, existing teacher education programs do not provide adequate experiences through which to develop pre-service teachers’ professional foundations. This study recognized Open Educational Resources (OER) as a means by which to address the issue of enhancing teacher education. The purpose of this study was to propose a framework to be used to integrate OER into lesson design activities for pre-service teachers. In this study, a focused literature review investigated the frameworks of distributed cognition and example-based learning. This review process resulted in a unified framework that provides a description of how pre-service teachers learn with OER at both the individual and cognitive system levels. Four principles and 10 guidelines are provided to guide the implementation of OER-based lesson design activities in real settings. The new framework has the potential to enhance pre-service teachers’ Web resource-based professional development.


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