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Higher education and open educational resources in Asia: An overview

TitleHigher education and open educational resources in Asia: An overview
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDhanarajan, G., & Abeywardena I. S.
EditorsDhanarajan, G., & Porter D.
PublisherCommonwealth of Learning
Series TitlePerspectives on open and distance learning: Open Educational Resources: An Asian perspective
Chapter Overview 1
Date Published01/2013
Secondary PublisherOER Asia
Place PublishedVancouver, BC
Publication Languageen
KeywordsAsia, benefits and barriers, digital resources, higher education, OER awareness, Open Educational Resources, policies, practices

Higher education has experienced phenomenal growth in all parts of Asia over the last two decades. This expansion, coupled with a diversity of provisions, has meant that more and more young Asians are experiencing tertiary education within their own countries. Notwithstanding this massive expansion of provisions, equitable access is still a challenge for Asian countries. There is also concern that expansion will erode quality. The use of digital resources is seen as one way of addressing the dual challenges of quality and equity. Open educational resources (OER), free of licensing encumbrances, hold the promise of equitable access to knowledge and learning. However, the full potential of OER is only realisable by acquiring: (i) greater knowledge about OER, (ii) the skills to effectively use OER and (iii) policy provisions to support its establishment in the continent’s higher education milieu.


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