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Images and the open educational resources (OER) movement

TitleImages and the open educational resources (OER) movement
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPerez, J. E.
PublisherThe Reference Librarian
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Pagination229 - 237
Date Published10/2017
Keywordscopyright, image, OER, Open Educational Resources, publishing

With the growing interest in faculty publication in Open Educational Resources (OER), librarians have not only been tasked in becoming well versed in locating OER materials for instructors but also assisting with intellectual property practices—public domain, Creative Commons, or permission rights. Digital images often need updating when a classroom presentation is moved from classroom use only to OER. Teachers usually use images from subscription databases and need copyright-free replacements. The difficulty associated in locating high-quality images and attribution descriptions is a barrier in publishing OER materials.


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