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Impact of OER use on teaching and learning: Data from OER Research Hub (2013-2014).

TitleImpact of OER use on teaching and learning: Data from OER Research Hub (2013-2014).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFarrow, R., Pitt R., de los Arcos B., Perryman L. - A., Weller M., & McAndrew P.
PublisherBritish Journal of Educational Technology
Pagination972 - 976
Keywordsadults, computer network resources, education – study & teaching, educational resources, higher education, open universities, professional education, questionnaires, teacher development

The true power of comparative research around the impact and use of open educational resources is only just being realised, largely through the work done by the Hewlett-funded OER Research Hub, based at The Open University ( UK). Since late 2012, the project has used a combination of surveys, interviews and focus groups to gather data about the use of open educational resources ( OER) by educators, formal learners and informal learners across the globe. These data focus on the overall picture emerging from the survey research of the project, which presently comprises more than 6390 responses, 50.3% of which are informal learners, 24.7% of which are formal learners, 21.6% of which are educators and 3.4% of which are librarians. Results from more than 20 individual questionnaires have been compiled, including surveys of K12 and Flipped Learning teachers; college educators from the CCCOER consortium; users of i Tunes U, OpenLearn, OpenStax, Saylor, Siyavula and the You Tube channel of Th


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