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Impacts of MOOCs on online learning and campus-based course design

TitleImpacts of MOOCs on online learning and campus-based course design
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPhan, T.
Secondary AuthorsTomei, L., & Milheim K. L.
PublisherCultivating Diverse Online Classrooms Through Effective Instructional Design
Pagination218 - 232
Date Published10/2017
Secondary PublisherIGI Global
KeywordsConnectivisim, higher education, innovation, MOOC, teaching approach

There are two lines of expert debates on whether MOOCs could improve the overall quality of college and university education in America. Experts like Fiona Hollands believe MOOCs have made positive influence in campus-based classrooms by making the instructors reconsider how they approached their teaching. Yet, others doubted if there would be a broad impact of lessons learned from MOOCs on conventional classroom to be seen anytime soon. This book chapter reports the findings on the pedagogical transformation process between MOOCs and campus-based courses done by faculty who taught the courses in both formats. The degree of employment of MOOC instructional strategies to campus-based teaching practices varied by the instructors and is determined by their on-campus classroom settings, and their willingness to consider adopting their MOOC instructional strategies to their established campus-based teaching styles. Implications for faculty, instructional designers in higher education and professionals in training industry in regards to embracing diversity are presented.


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