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Insights into the economy of Open Scholarship: A collection of interviews

TitleInsights into the economy of Open Scholarship: A collection of interviews
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsFranck, G.
PublisherKnowledge Exchange
Date Published06/2019
Other Numbers26 June 2019
KeywordsASAPbio, Figshare, Helsinki University Press, HRČAK, Impactstory, Opasnet, Open Library of Humanities, open scholarship, OpenEdition, ScienceOpen, Zenodo

Interviews dated between: May 2018 and February 2019

In 2017 KE developed the KE Open Scholarship framework (see page 7 in the report ‘Moving from ambition to reality: An account of the Knowledge Exchange workshop on Open Scholarship, Paris 2017, & a menu for possible actions for 2018’ (bit.ly/2BR00h2)) to characterise or categorise activities, discussion topics, proposals, initiatives and more. The framework consists of three dimensions:
•Level of granularity (scale)
o macro, covering the population
o meso, covering communities/organisations
o micro, covering individuals
•Research phase
o discovery
o planning
o project
o dissemination
o political
o economic
o social
o technical
The activity underlying this report targeted the economic arena of the KE Open Scholarship framework. It aimed to collect, describe and learn from examples and initiatives that pioneered change towards new or alternative business models and payment structures that facilitate Open Scholarship and support it to achieve its full potential. Interviews have been conducted with ten selected initiatives (for more information on the methodology and the interview questions see appendix 1). The result is this collection of interviews that demonstrate successes and challenges to inform and inspire the transition to Open Scholarship. The report is divided into an introduction explaining the background of this activity, followed by shared challenges that the interviewees were facing and the ten interviews. It concludes with the current state and approaches for further exploration.


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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