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Intro to OER: A wider spectrum

TitleIntro to OER: A wider spectrum
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWoodward, T.
PublisherBionic Teaching
Access Year2018
EditionSeptember 28, 2018
Access DateNovember 12, 2018
DescriptionWeb Log
Date Published09/2018
KeywordsOER content, open pedagogy, practical considerations, primary source material, social bookmarking

I’ve done a number of introduction to OER conversations over the last few years. I did another recently. Here is my revised attempt at getting at a very broad overview and maybe going a bit farther afield than is typically the case. This particular presentation emphasized OER as addition and that you could use all sorts of pieces as augmentation rather than replacement. The intro was focused on a quick overview of broad concepts and getting some terms for future independent google work. I try to emphasize that with the people in attendance. We aren’t diving down every rabbit hole offered here but we are tossing out some key words and concepts that you might wish to pursue later. Despite the fact that creative commons and MOOCs feel old and played out to me they remain new terms to a number of the faculty attending. While it muddies the waters a bit, I do emphasize that VCU has a chunk of free-to-our-students resources that faculty should be aware of. Standard With that intro out of the way, I try to work from the typical conception of OER towards what I feel like are less considered elements. That leads to starting with courses/textbooks. They’re high structure and made with educational intent. I hit a few common places for this content and […]

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