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JISC/HE Academy OER Programme: Phase 3 synthesis and evaluation report

TitleJISC/HE Academy OER Programme: Phase 3 synthesis and evaluation report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMcGill, L., Falconer I., Littlejohn A., & Beetham H.
Date Published02/2013
Keywordsdigital literacy, open educational practice, Open Educational Resources, professional learning

The JISC/HE Academy OER Phase 3 programme (October 2011- October 2012) was designed to build on the sustainable practice identified in the first two stages (Pilot programme, and Phase 2 programme), and to expand in new directions linking OER to other areas of work. This phase involved a significant number of diverse stakeholders highlighting new challenges and providing fresh insights into the impact of OER (Open Educational Resources) and OEP (Open Educational Practice) on learning and teaching in a variety of contexts. This phase also saw the rise of eBooks and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS), although both have been around for several years, and happened in a climate of continued funding challenges for the HE and FE sectors.


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