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Learner analysis of Chinese MOOCs

TitleLearner analysis of Chinese MOOCs
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZheng, Q., Chen L., & Burgos D.
PublisherThe Development of MOOCs in China
Series TitleLecture Notes in Educational Technology
Date Published12/2017
Secondary PublisherSpringer Singapore
Place PublishedSingapore
ISBN Number978-981-10-6586-6
Keywordslearner satisfaction, learning difficulties, MOOC learners, MOOC research

Learning is fundamentally an activity conducted by learners, so it is necessary to pay attention to Chinese learners of MOOCs in this study and to listen to their voice. What do we know about them? How are they learning online? How do they feel about online learning? These questions and the corresponding answers make an important basis for construction and development of Chinese MOOCs. This chapter, using the learner study done by mooc.guokr.com from 2013 to 2015, tries to analyze learners of MOOCs from eight dimensions, namely learners' basic information, learning experience, learning preference, learning motives, participation in teaching–learning interaction, learning satisfaction, learning difficulties, and learning platforms and tool, and also made evaluations of their learning qualities.

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