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Learning from advocacy: A case of OER policy implementation in the Wawasan Open University

TitleLearning from advocacy: A case of OER policy implementation in the Wawasan Open University
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMenon, M., & Ali P. K. M.
PublisherProceedings of the Regional Symposium on Open Educational Resources: An Asian perspective on policy and practices
Date Published09/2012
Place PublishedPenang, Malaysia
Keywordscourse material development, OER adoption, OER challenges, OER implementation, OER policy

Wawasan Open University has been the pioneer institution in the region to respond to the global advocacy for the OER movement. The OER-Asia initiative in 2010 under the auspices of the University for advocating and disseminating relevant information about OER as well as developing training materials and conducting research in this area. OER-Asia as well as the University made concrete contribution to the drafting the World OER Declaration jointly by the Commonwealth of Learning and the UNESCO. Responding to the advocacy for OER by the OER-Asia Initiative and other global initiatives the Wawasan Open University in spite of being a new organisation took the bold decision to join the OER movement. In the last one and half years the WOU has managed to make substantial progress in this area. This paper attempts to present the major aspects of OER Policy adoption and implementation.


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