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Learning design- Making practice explicit

TitleLearning design- Making practice explicit
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsConole, G.
PublisherConnectEd 2010: 2nd International conference on Design Education
Date Published06/2010
Publication Languageeng
Keywordscloudworks, compenidumLD, course business model, design practice, learning design, methodology

New technologies have immense potential for learning, but the sheer variety possible also creates challenges for learners in terms of navigating through an increasingly complex digital landscape and for teachers in terms of how to design and support learning interventions. How can learners and teachers make informed decisions about what technologies to use in the design and support of learning activities? This presentation will consider this question and present a new methodology for design ? 'learning design', which aims to shift the creation and support of learning from what has traditionally been an implicit, belief-based practice to one that is explicit and design based. Learning design research at the Open University, UK has included the development of a set of conceptual design views, a tool for visualising designs (CompendiumLD) and a social networking site, for sharing and discussing learning and teaching ideas and designs (Cloudworks). An overview of this work will be provided, along with a discussion of the perceived benefits of this new approach to educational design.

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