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Learning to microblog and microblogging to learn: A case study on learning scenarios in a microblogging context

TitleLearning to microblog and microblogging to learn: A case study on learning scenarios in a microblogging context
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHolotescu, C., & Grosseck G.
Secondary AuthorsPopescu, V., Jugureanu R., Stefan V., & Radu C.
PublisherAdvanced Distributed Learning in Education and Training Transformation
Date Published04/2010
Place PublishedBucharest, Romania
Type of WorkProceedings Paper
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsCirip.eu, distance learning, higher education, learning design, microblogging, web 2.0

Microblogging is the Web2.0 technology of the moment, having applications in many domains, including education. This paper will focus on Cirip.eu, but the conclusions can be extended to other microblogging platforms. Cirip.eu is an environment specially designed for education, having many uses such as: information and knowledge management, courses enhancement, delivering entire online courses (or in a blended manner), collaborative projects, communities of practice, hosting different workshops/scientifical events, building e-portfolios etc.

The main aspects the paper will focus on are the following:

-the facilities offered by Cirip.eu to use it as a modern and flexible Learning Management System (LMS), integrating participants' Personal Learning Environments;

-how microblogging can be integrated with other Web2.0 technologies, and into the Open Educational Resources movement;

-how the experience and the new pedagogical approach in using micro blogging can be captured and formally represented as learning design objects;

-how learning design objects can be shared, discussed, improved, reused on the microblogging platform.

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