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Learning through engagement: MOOCs as an emergent form of provision

TitleLearning through engagement: MOOCs as an emergent form of provision
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsWalji, S., Deacon A., Small J., & Czerniewicz L.
PublisherDistance Education
Start Page208
Pagination208 - 223
Date Published05/2016
Type of WorkSpecial Issue: Growing capacities for sustainable distance e-learning provision
KeywordsMOOCs, online learning design, peer learning, student engagement, teacher presence

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are a new form of educational provision occupying a space between formal online courses and informal learning. Adopting measures used with formal online courses to assess the outcomes of MOOCs is often not informative because the context is very different. The particular affordances of MOOCs shaping learning environments comprise scale (in terms of numbers of students) and diversity (in terms of the types of students). As learning designers, we focus on understanding the particular tools and pedagogical affordances of the MOOC platform to support learner engagement. Drawing on research into learner engagement conducted in the broader field of online learning, we consider how learner engagement in a MOOC might be designed for by looking at three pedagogical aspects: teacher presence, social learning, and peer learning.


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