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Lifelong learning and partnerships: rethinking the boundaries of the university in the digital age

TitleLifelong learning and partnerships: rethinking the boundaries of the university in the digital age
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsCannell, P.
PublisherWidening Participation and Lifelong Learning
Start Page61
Pagination61 - 73
Date Published02/2016
Type of WorkSpecial Edition
Keywordscollaboration, free online resources, higher education, Lifelong Learning, non-traditional learners, OEPs, OERs, open educational practices, Open Educational Resources, widening participation

Higher education (HE) in Scotland has some very specific characteristics: a relatively small number of HE institutions (HEIs), nineteen at the time of writing; a strong college sector, which makes a significant contribution to the provision of HE; an all through credit and qualifications framework, designed to support transitions between different parts of the education system and through the lifecourse; no fees for full-time HE and more than fifteen years of policy initiatives aimed at (WP). Despite all this, unequal access between different socio-economic groups has remained stubbornly persistent. Moreover, the numbers of mature and part-time students in both the university and college sectors have declined. This paper looks at some of the evidence from the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland project, which is exploring the interface between open education and WP. In the context of the widespread availability of digital devices and the rapid increase in free, open online resources, are there new strategies to promote WP and lifelong learning?

Short TitleWide Particip Lifelong Learn
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