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Looking ahead to open access data and textbook opportunities

TitleLooking ahead to open access data and textbook opportunities
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBuehler, M. A.
PublisherDemystifying the Institutional Repository for Success
Pagination201 - 214
Date Published08/2013
Secondary PublisherElsevier
Place PublishedLas Vegas, USA
ISBN Number9781843346739
Keywordsdata curation, data definitions, data management, datasets, liaison and faculty collaboration, open access research legislation, open education resources, repository tools, web scale discovery services

Legislation as a driver to oppose open access to data and journal article dissemination is not focused on the public good of accelerating research if it means sliding profits. US Federal Government legislation has mandated open access to data and its scholarly article output when the public has funded the research. Supporters of open research include scientists and scholars, librarians, students, and citizens, advocating for policies that encourage global dissemination. Academic liaisons have embraced data curation and management plans in conjunction with faculty and the IR administrator to chart complementary partnerships to handle multi-size datasets. Deposited scholarly materials comprised of research and data in an institutional repository can be embedded in web scale discovery services, affording the ability for readers to search and find using their library’s search box. Faculty are taking advantage of open research resources to develop their own teaching scholarship, taking the place of expensive textbooks and saving students the need to purchase them.


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