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MOOCs in Europe: Overview of papers representing a collective European response on MOOCs as presented during the HOME conference in Rome November 2015

TitleMOOCs in Europe: Overview of papers representing a collective European response on MOOCs as presented during the HOME conference in Rome November 2015
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBang, J., Dalsgaard C., Kjaer A., O’Donovan M., Jakobsdóttir S., Limone P., Brown M., Costello E., Donlon E., Giolla-Mhichil1 M., Kirwan C., Kovanović V., Gašević D., Joksimović S., Siemens G., Hatala M., Cadima R., Esperança C., Rodrigues V., Francisco M., Rodrigues C., Rosa R. D., Kerr R., Hallissy M., Henrick G., de Raadt M., Costello E., Kusper G., Havasi G., Király S., Kocsis-Baán M., Nehéz K., Hornyák O., Mileff P., Lee T., Lee D., Tsironis A., Xenos M., Marchewka D., Urbaniec J., Aydin C. H., Henderikx P., Kalman Y. M., van Valkenburg W., Wodecki A., Dalsgaard C., Kjaer A., Caforio A., Huion P., Mystakidis S., Herodotou C., Rutkauskiene D., Gudoniene D., Butkeviciene E., Schroevers S., Seubring-Vierveyzer H., Stoyanov S., de Vries F., Vriens M., Andone D., Brasher A., Weller M., McAndrew P., Palomo R. S. G., Cuadrado A. M. M., y Lourdes N. D., Sánchez P., Lehto T., & ÖZKUL A. E.
EditorsJansen, D., & Konings L.
Date Published06/2016
Place PublishedNetherlands
Report Number978-90-79730-19-3
KeywordsApache, assessment, autograders, behaviorism, business model, cMOOC, cognivitist approach, communication, communities of practice, design, discourse analysis, distance education, e-learning, educational services, facilitation, flipped classroom, gamification, governmental policy, Greek MOOC platform, group concept mapping, Hellenic Open University, higher education, home project, ICT, independent learners, informatics, innovation in higher education, institutional policy, Ireland, KMOOC, language, learning communities, meaeX, media, MOOC, MOOC public discourse, MOOCs disadvantages, MOOCs in Europe, Moodle, national MOOC development, newspapers, Nginx, online training, ooc, Open edX, open source, opening up education, patterns, persistence, programming, quality assurance, representation, retention, short-term international experience, social learning, STIE, students' expectations analysis, summer school, teacher role, topic modeling, transmedia storytelling, Uberization, video pedagogy

Table of contents

Part 1: Regional MOOC initiatives
Building OOC layers on top of existing courses
(M)OOCs in Iceland: Language and learning communities
EduOpen network in Italy

Part 2: Role media exposure on MOOC development
Story of MOOCs in the Irish Media: Hold the Front Page
MOOCs in the News: A European Perspective

Part 3: Supporting the selection of MOOC platforms
Driving moocs through society: the UP2U platform
Out of the Fishbowl: Toward the Uberization of Teaching
Feasibility of creating a collaborative MOOC for Ireland: Opportunities and Challenges
The potential for using Moodle to deliver the content, facilitation, assessment and reporting of a MOOC
Introducing MeMOOC and Recent Results in e-Learning at University of Miskolc
KMOOC for Knowledge Sharing of ODL
The implementation of MeaeX the Greek MOOC platform from Hellenic Open University
MOOCs, OER, Moodle - scaling tests of Moodle software

Part 4: Business models European MOOCs
Can MOOCs be a beginning not a fad in HE
Governmental business models for MOOCs
Innovating with MOOCs: Five Mistakes, and One More
Is there a sustainable business model for TU Delft Extension School?
MOOCs as one of catalysers of big changes in HE systems

Part 5: Pedagogical approaches in European MOOCs
Opening up education - some pedagogical considerations
UNINETTUNO and the MOOCs, Origins, results and new perspectives
MOOC as Transmedia Storytelling
OpenQuest: Designing a Motivational Framework for MOOCs Instruction
The Research Results on Pedagogical Approach in MOOCs: Lithuanian Case
A summer-day's MOOC
MOOCs pedagogical and didactical approaches
How We Use Video in KU Leuven MOOCs
Papers ‘WOW! Europe embraces MOOCS’ EADTU 2016

Part 6: Shared services in European MOOC context
Methods and Models of MOOCs Integration in Traditional Higher Education
How to design for persistence and retention in MOOCs?
Shared Educational Services for the development MOOCs, a proposal for a European collaboration
Shared European Educational Services from the Perspective of Finland
Shared Services for MOOC Offerings: A Vision for Turkey


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