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OECD study of OER: Forum report

TitleOECD study of OER: Forum report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsJoyce, A.
PublisherInternational Instituted for Educational Learning, UNESCO
Date Published11/2006
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsbusiness models, copyright, intellectual property rights, licences, policy, UNESCO

The objective of the study was to survey the range of current OER initiatives, and to clarify and analyse critical issues facing institutional providers of OER, in particular addressing four questions: How to develop sustainable cost/benefit models for OER initiatives? There is a need to define business models for OER. Most current initiatives rely on donor financing and are not sustainable in the long term.
What are the Intellectual Property Rights issues linked to OER initiatives? Issues include striking a balance between ‘openness’ versus control over intellectual property, defining legal frameworks for OER initiatives, and issues connected to distribution and equity.
ƒWhat are the incentives and barriers for universities and faculty staff to deliver their material to OER initiatives? This has both an individual and organizational dimension, and significant policy implications at all levels.
ƒHow to improve access and usefulness for the users of OER initiatives? This brings together many issues, including assessing the quality of resources, adapting resources to new contexts, and technology requirements and barriers.

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