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OER — the Southampton experience

TitleOER — the Southampton experience
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAndrews, J., Smith-Duque C., Hunt F., Bouchard J., Jones A., Hinz D., & Schibartz C.
Start Page85
Date Published2011
Keywordscopyright, JorumOpen, re-purposing OER

The Southampton experience of OER has been successful in repurposing over 50 CAT points of climate change resources. There is evidence of culture change amongst those staff who have contributed resources when clearing third party material, and successful negotiations with publishers have depended upon establishing contacts and networking in order to side-step a standardized web process. The level of resource required to repurpose materials means it is unrealistic to expect a widespread take up in UK educational institutions unless, at a national level, the community can negotiate agreements with the major scientific publishers. The requirement of authors to relinquish their copyright when publishing journals has significantly impeded open access in this project. Local repositories currently offer a more user friendly interface than JorumOpen.


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