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OER as an agent to support social justice

TitleOER as an agent to support social justice
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMaravić, J.
PublisherLibraries in the Digital Age (LIDA)
Date Published06/2018
Place PublishedZadar, Croatia
Keywordsinclusion, OER, social justice, universal design


Technology improves human life in various ways. Technology in education changes the educational process, the role of students and teachers, but it can also be a leverage in establishing social justice. The paper deals with the thesis that open digital educational content can contribute to social justice because it supports the inclusion of students with poorer social status and students with special needs. The potential of open digital teaching materials to contribute to social justice is the consequence of their free access and technical features that enable students with special needs to use them without difficulty. This paper is a pilot study that has just begun since the content of the project has been recently released and their impact requires monitoring over a period of time.

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