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OER Commons

TitleOER Commons
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGallaway, T. O.
PublisherThe Charleston Advisor
Start Page35
Pagination35 - 38
Date Published04/2016
Secondary PublisherThe Charleston Company
Type of WorkResearch Article
KeywordsK-12, OER, publishing tools

One of the greatest barriers to adoption of Open Access educational resources (OERs) is the challenge of finding appropriate resources for discrete instructional needs. OER Commons has risen to the top as one of most developed search and discovery tools for locating K-12 and post-secondary OERs to assist with this challenge. Resources span the gamut of types, from educational games to lesson plans to full courses. The Web site provides a sophisticated advanced search to locate these OERs, a publishing tool for the creation of new resources, and account features to curate sets of OERs for sharing.


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