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OER perspectives: Emerging issues for universities

TitleOER perspectives: Emerging issues for universities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsOlcott, D.
PublisherDistance Education
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Pagination283 - 290
Date Published08/2012
Keywordsemerging issues, management, OER, open educational practices, universities

This reflection examines some of the continuing and emerging issues in the open educational resources (OER) field. These include blending OER with university management structures; formal and non-formal OER; the need for sustainable OER business models; and expanding awareness, adoption, and use of OER. In the future, research will need to examine the concept of open educational practices (OEP) and OER issues relevant to faculty incentives and career advancement in the university. The author suggests there is no silver bullet solution to the “open” road ahead. Proprietary and open content will coexist in the education sector. OER are not a panacea for resolving all the range of global education issues and divides. OER are, however, a valuable resource that must be developed and sustained. OER may ultimately be the genuine equalizer for education and for empowering social inclusion in a pluralistic, multicultural, and imperfect world.


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