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OER state policy tracker

TitleOER state policy tracker
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2018
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Access Date3/15/2018
Descriptionpolicy tracking tool
Keywordsgovernmental policy, state policy

Open educational resources (OER) has increasingly become a go-to strategy for legislators seeking to make college education more affordable and effective. Nearly half of all U.S. states have considered OER legislation in past years, and the trend is likely to continue. Given the increasing activity at the state level, SPARC is expanding the support we provide to our members in this arena.

This page is updated weekly, and tracks the latest state-by-state policy activity relevant to the SPARC community, along with policies enacted in past years. SPARC’s state policy tracking is done in conjunction with Foresight Law + Policy, and a full dataset of legislation tracked since 2015 is published in GitHub. Note that page is for tracking purposes only and being listed does not imply endorsement. For information about SPARC’s policy positions, visit our Policy & Advocacy page. Check out our additional state policy resources below.


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