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OERRH dissemination framework

TitleOERRH dissemination framework
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsArthur, S.
PublisherOER Research Hub
Date Published03/2013
InstitutionThe Open University
Keywordscase studies, OER evaluation, OER research

The OERRH Dissemination Framework describes the process the project employs in deciding how, when and what information will be communicated to, and recovered from, stakeholders of the project. This framework also serves as a guiding document for the OERRH Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

The OERRH focuses on an engaged approach to dissemination allowing for consultation, feedback and collaboration during and after the project is completed. The Dissemination Framework has the following objectives:
• to raise our profile and increase understanding of what the OERRH does;
• to increase our level of engagement with the OER community;
• to continuously seek feedback on how to improve our research;
• to demonstrate the value that OERRH adds as a research/evidence base to research collaborations and the general OER community;
• to demonstrate our expertise in conducting OER research;
• to develop our research programme in a way that enables collaborations to enhance their projects, and provide the OER community with tools to tackle barriers to OER.


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