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Open education: From OERs to MOOCs

TitleOpen education: From OERs to MOOCs
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
EditorsJemni, M., Kinshuk, & Khribi M. K.
PublisherSpringer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Series VolumeLecture Notes in Educational Technology’
Number of Pages1-359
Date Published02/2017
ISBN NumberHardcover 978-3-662-52923-2
ISBNeBook 978-3-662-52925-6
Keywordsbusiness models, MOOC, OER, OER pedagogy, OER quality frameworks, open educational policies

Provides a comprehensive overview of open educational resources and MOOCs, as well as their emerging pedagogical perspectives.

Presents selected international experiences in the field of open educational resources and MOOCs.

Enhances the impact of openness on institutions and on the future of education.

Provides specific information concerning the use of technologies to support openness in education.

This book focuses on the emerging phenomenon of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which are changing the fundamental underpinning of educational systems worldwide and forcing educators and other stakeholders to re-think the way instruction is currently conducted. It examines the origins of MOOCs within the context of the open education movement, and reviews current policies, guidelines and initiatives to promote the use of ICT in education through the development and use of open educational resources from international practices, including implementation and licensing issues. With a particular focus on new trends in MOOCs, the book explores the potential of this emerging paradigm, its rise and its impact on openness in education. Various new initiatives are also presented, including more global examples and those that are more geared to certain regional contexts. The book is intended as a stepping stone for both researchers and practitioners who are looking to approach MOOCs from a holistic perspective.


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