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OpenCases: Case studies on openness in education

TitleOpenCases: Case studies on openness in education
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSouto-Otero, M., dos Santos A. I., Shields R., Lažetić P., Muñoz J. C., Devaux A., StephaniOberheidt, & Punie Y.
PublisherPublications Office of the European Union
Date Published06/2016
Type of WorkEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
ISBN Number 978-92-79-58536-4
Other Numbers EUR 27937; OPOCE LF-NA-27937-EN-N
KeywordsAcademic policy, case studies, education, governmental policy, higher education, ICT, MOOCs, OER policy, open education, open research, open teaching, SPOCs

OpenCases is a study which is part of the OpenEdu Project. It is a qualitative study consisting of a review of literature on open education and nine in-depth case studies of higher education institutions, a consortium of universities, a private organisation and a national initiative. It analysed the rationale and enabling conditions for involvement in open education, open education activities, strategies, impact, challenges and prospects. The main outcome of the study is evidence that a large number of OERs have reached many learners. However, completion rates for MOOCs are low. Accreditation is not formalised and in general their effect on employability is not measured.

DOI 10.2791/039825

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