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Output 1. SCORE2020: Need analysis for support in MOOCs en Open Education

TitleOutput 1. SCORE2020: Need analysis for support in MOOCs en Open Education
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
Date Published02/2017
Place PublishedMaastricht, Netherlands
Keywordsgovernment policy, higher education, MOOC accreditation, MOOC platforms, MOOC research, MOOC uptake, Norway, SCORE2020, Sweden

The SCORE2020 project focused on (regional) support structures in the development and delivery of Open Education and especially of MOOCs. In total, thirteen intellectual outputs are available.


The SCORE2020 project deals with establishing a network of expertise centres for open education in Europe. As part of this work a needs analysis is conducted in several iterations. This deliverable reports results from the final iteration. A desktop research has been conducted between December 2014 and July 2015. Each partner organisation in the project had the task to contribute 5 reports on national, regional and international level that deal with the question of needs of stakeholders with regard to open education and/or MOOCs. This initial collection of reports has resulted in 35 reports. In a next step, the authors of this report have mapped the questions treated in the reports to a framework. This result has been discussed and enhanced during several project meetings of the project and has been extended with data from several surveys.


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