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Output 2. SCORE2020: Overview existing training and awareness materials

TitleOutput 2. SCORE2020: Overview existing training and awareness materials
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
Date Published11/2015
Place PublishedMaastricht, Netherlands
Keywordsgovernment policy, higher education, literature review, MOOC accreditation, MOOC platforms, MOOC research, MOOC uptake, OER, SCORE2020

The SCORE2020 project focused on (regional) support structures in the development and delivery of Open Education and especially of MOOCs. In total, thirteen intellectual outputs are available.


This output provides an overview of existing materials to support the awareness, development and use of MOOCs and other forms of Open Education. This overview is developed in the first phase of the project related to the overall need analysis. I.e. the existing support materials (at that moment) known in the partnership were mapped into the framework of output 1 related to different topics and different stakeholders. This provided the partnership with insights how present materials do (not) support the different needs of various stakeholders. These materials and the main needs determined in Output 1 were used to set the agenda for the different Multiplier Events and Training Events.


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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