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Output 7 SCORE2020 : Policy arguments for MOOC and open online education

TitleOutput 7 SCORE2020 : Policy arguments for MOOC and open online education
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
Date Published02/2016
Place PublishedMaastricht, Netherlands
KeywordsBelgium, France, government policy, higher education, Ireland, MOOC uptake, Norway, OER, Portugal, SCORE2020, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom

The SCORE2020 project focused on (regional) support structures in the development and delivery of Open Education and especially of MOOCs. In total, thirteen intellectual outputs are available.


Policy arguments for MOOC and open online education
MOOCs have become an instrument for educational policy. Pedagogical issues as well as strategic and cost questions and considerations about the use of MOOCs are discussed by HEI’s and national policy makers. MOOCs are also a policy instrument for knowledge regions, even more if they respect the national language and if they are adapted to regional/national needs. As such regional stakeholders and governments are more-and-more getting involved.
The output provide an overview of policy arguments used in countries of the SCORE2020 partnership. It focusses on arguments of higher education in cross-institutional collaboration and/or arguments for (not) governmental involvement in MOOCs and open education. This output provides the analyses of eight European countries, based on short papers from SCORE2020 project partners.
For project specific reasons, the short papers are written over a period of time (ultimo 2015 to primo 2017), and answer the question above in different ways. The following synthesis and analysis will endeavor to bridge these differences to find any overall tendencies, unique regional traits and shared objectives and policy arguments. Each country or region will be treated separately, followed by a discussion of these objectives and arguments. The short papers are included as annexes.


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