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Overview of research on Chinese MOOCs

TitleOverview of research on Chinese MOOCs
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZheng, Q., Chen L., & Burgos D.
PublisherThe Development of MOOCs in China
Series TitleLecture Notes in Educational Technology
Date Published12/2017
Secondary PublisherSpringer Singapore
Place PublishedSingapore
ISBN Number978-981-10-6586-6
Keywordshigher education, MOOC courses, MOOC learners, MOOC platforms

MOOCs have been in the spotlight since its debut in China in 2012. Later, MOOC platforms and relevant courses developed by different organizations sprung up like mushrooms. Now MOOCs can be seen in multiple forms in practice and have promoted the development of Chinese educational reform in different levels and to different degrees. The research team investigated MOOCs in China from three aspects, namely, MOOC platforms and courses, colleges and universities, and MOOCs learners (in cooperation with Guokr).


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