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The Project Kaleidoscope Open Course Initiative at Mercy College, New York, USA

TitleThe Project Kaleidoscope Open Course Initiative at Mercy College, New York, USA
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMcGreal, R.
PublisherContact North/Contact Nord
Access Year2018
EditionSubmitted on Tue, 2018-01-16 09:13
Access Date2018-01-23
DescriptionTools and Trends
Date Published01/2018
Type of WorkDescription
Keywordscase study, course creation, OER modules

Participants from the original seven partner institutions of KOCI soon realized that developing courses from scratch would be too time-consuming, as this requires months of negotiation with curriculum committees at each institution. Therefore, new approaches to instructional design were implemented that consisted of teams creating common formative and summative assessments.

At Mercy College, faculty introduced two KOCI-created modules (rather than full courses) in collaboration with other institutions and colleagues in their learning community. One module was focused on critical reading and the other one on math competencies. The modules followed a different trajectory for their implementation. The different approaches to integration of OER by faculty were the subject of regular meetings, so they could share their strategies. These meetings were identified as key to the success of the project.

This article discusses the benefits, challenges and potential of implementing OER at this institution.

More articles can be found at Contact North/Contact Nord: https://teachonline.ca/tools-trends/open-education-resources-oer-applica...


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