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Publishing support

TitlePublishing support
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsRyan, B.
PublisherChandos Digital Information Review
Series TitleOptimizing Academic Library Services in the Digital Milieu: Digital Devices and their Emerging Trends
Pagination137 - 163
Secondary PublisherElsevier
ISBN Number9781843347323
Keywordsacademic publishing, aggregation, connexions, digital commons, digital textbooks, Flat World Knowledge, OER Commons, Open Educational Resources, OpenStax, PressBooks

Digital textbooks are amazing educational tools. What resources can librarians enlist to help make them? What are the rights considerations associated with them? The projects developed by Creative Commons, OER Commons, and Rice University in conjunction with many others, such as OpenStax and Connexions, provide educators with the means to make high-quality free digital textbooks. Librarians can play a vital role in relation to digital textbooks in academia.


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