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Quality in MOOCs: Surveying the terrain

TitleQuality in MOOCs: Surveying the terrain
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHood, N., & Littlejohn A.
PublisherCommonwealth of Learning
Number of Pages1-40
Date Published06/2016
Place PublishedBurnaby, Canada
ISBN Number 978-1-894975-80-3
Keywordsinstructional design, MOOC, MOOC pedagogy, MOOC quality

The purpose of this review is to identify quality measures and to highlight some of the tensions surrounding notions of quality, as well as the need for new ways of thinking about and approaching quality in MOOCs. It draws on the literature on both MOOCs and quality in education more generally in order to provide a framework for thinking about quality and the different variables and questions that must be considered when conceptualising quality in MOOCs. The review adopts a relativist approach, positioning quality as a measure for a specific purpose. The review draws upon Biggs’s (1993) 3P model to explore notions and dimensions of quality in relation to MOOCs — presage, process and product variables — which correspond to an input–environment–output model. The review brings together literature examining how quality should be interpreted and assessed in MOOCs at a more general and theoretical level, as well as empirical research studies that explore how these ideas about quality can be operationalised, including the measures and instruments that can be employed. What emerges from the literature are the complexities involved in interpreting and measuring quality in MOOCs and the importance of both context and perspective to discussions of quality.


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