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A recipe for a successful institutional open education initiative

TitleA recipe for a successful institutional open education initiative
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsJhangiani, R.
PublisherWCET Frontiers
Access Year2019
Access Date2/18/2019
Date Published01/2019
Type of WorkWeb log
Keywordsfaculty development, KPU, OER, open education, open education champions, open textbooks, professional development, Zed Cred


"My University is a Proud Leader in the Open Education Movement
But first, let’s provide some context: KPU is the leading institutional adopter of open textbooks and other OER in Canada. We launched the country’s first two Zed Cred programs (known as Z Degrees in the U.S.) over the past two years, established an OER grant program (overseen by a dedicated and cross-functional Open Education Working Group), integrated Zed Cred markings into our course timetables, established a print-on-demand service for open textbooks, provided faculty development opportunities for open pedagogy, and recently launched OPUS, an open publishing suite to support faculty and staff who wish to create or adapt OER. I mention these achievements because my reflections on successful open education initiatives are inevitably guided by the growth of our own initiative efforts at KPU."


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