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Satisfaction, preferences and problems of a MOOC participants

TitleSatisfaction, preferences and problems of a MOOC participants
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBozkurt, A., & Aydin C. H.
Series TitleThe Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) 2015 International Convention
Date Published11/2015
Place PublishedIndianapolis, Indiana, USA.
Type of WorkConference Proceeding
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordsheutagogy, hybrid MOOCs, MOOCers, MOOCers’ preferences, MOOCs

The MOOC phenomenon, which was an idea a short time ago, turned into practice and drew much attention as a disruptive innovation. On this ground, the purpose of this study is to explore and explain MOOCers’ attitudes and preferences as well as the problems they face during a MOOC. In order to gather data, an online questionnaire was conducted in a Facebook group of a five week long hybrid MOOC, initiated in January 2013. The questionnaire was provided to Facebook group members (nearly 5000) and only of 161 out of all members voluntarily completed the questionnaire. This study revealed that MOOCers perceive these mega classes as a lifelong learning opportunity. Additionally, most of the MOOCers were satisfied with their MOOC experience and have had positive impressions about MOOCs. A great majority of MOOCers plan to join another MOOC in future and it proves that MOOC hype will go on for some time.


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