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Toward successful implementation of the open access policy

TitleToward successful implementation of the open access policy
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsShovkovy, I. A.
PublisherArizona State University
Date Published02/2018
InstitutionArizona State University
Place PublishedTempe, Arizona
Type of WorkSenate Summer Project
Keywordscopyright, digital repository, institutional policy, open access policy, survey

Over the last ten to fifteen years, many research universities in the United States and Europe have adopted various types of open access policies. Typically, such policies request the archiving of pre- or post-refereed journal articles written by the faculty members on the web in designated open access repositories. Such policies promote the mission of research universities of providing a wide access to the new knowledge. They are also in line with the requirements of many funding organizations that mandate the open access to the research outcomes resulted from their support. At the Arizona State University, the commitment to open access was first declared in October 2010 by the Librarians Assembly. In Spring 2017 the official ASU open access policy was passed by the University Senate and approved by the Provost. The next step is the implementation of the policy. The goal of this report is to overview the potential challenges, as well as to provide insights and recommendations from research faculty that could help a successful implementation of the open access policy at the ASU.


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